Aweber Review

AWeber Review 2020- Is it the right marketing tool for you?

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, AWeber has helped over 1,000,000 small businesses grow faster with email marketing. This marketing tool has established its reputation over the 20 years of its formation.

AWeber offers many features that set it apart from competition. It is a simple email marketing tool designed to help your small business grow. The exceptional features will simplify email marketing for you and make it fun. In other words, you have to give less time to marketing campaigns.

AWeber allows you to create a mailing list, design newsletters, automate your emails marketing, and view and analyse statistics related to your email marketing campaigns. The marketing tool is one of the most reliable in the marketing industry.

Read our AWeber review and decide for yourself if it caters to your needs. 

AWeber Overview

The AI-powered email template designer of AWeber automatically creates amazing-looking branded emails in just seconds. Further, you get a huge library of pre-built templates. These features save you a lot of time at the same time make your business look outstanding.

AWeber assigns triggers and flows to your emails that ensure timely delivery of the right message, to the right person. Above all, AWeber doesn’t outsource the delivery of your emails. The mails you send will always land in the inbox rather than in the spam box.

The usage of web font feature sets it apart from competition. You can easily create visibly appealing messages which is not possible with the regular fonts.

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AWeber Pricing and Plans

AWeber Pricing and Plans

AWeber offers two plans, Free and Pro.

The Pro Plan allows you all the essential features you require from a marketing tool. Create and send newsletters with dynamic content easily. However, the pricing depends upon the number of subscribers you have.

Subscriber CountMonthly Billing CycleQuarterly Billing CycleYearly Billing Cycle
2,501 – 5,000$49$139$553.80
5,001 – 10,000$69$199$793.80
10,001 – 25,000$149$439$1,753.80

PRO Plan comes with many benefits. You get access to:

  • Email automation
  • RSS to email
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • 100s of email templates
  • HTML emails
  • AMP emails
  • Thousands of professional images
  • Email Split testing
  • Behavioral automation

In addition, AWeber gives you many features to collect and analyze useful data such as

  • Simple subscriber and message analytics
  • Advanced message analytics
  • Advanced audience/account analytics
  • Webpage tracking
  • Tagging subscribers

The marketing tool also assist you in engaging more people. You get the following features to get this work done.

  • Sign up forms
  • WordPress plugin
  • Sign up form split testing
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Video landing pages
  • Google analytics and Facebook pixel tracking
  • Custom URLs

AWeber received lots of user comments asking for a free trial. So the marketing too recently came up with  AWeber’s new free plan. You get stunning features including Email marketing, Automations, Landing pages, Sign up forms, Integrations, and 24/7 Customer Solutions. All that without spending a single penny!

Get AWeber Free


AWeber offers complete account migration with no cost. It can transfer subscribers tags, templates, sign up forms, campaigns, landing pages, and more. The marketing tool also lets you use web fonts. This feature is rare to get with other email marketing solutions.

1. Automatically create amazing-looking Emails and Landing pages

AWeber gives you the feature of an AI-powered design assistant. It automatically builds your amazing-looking branded email templates in seconds. Not only that, but you also don’t have to get involved in the hassle of coding for email and landing pages.

The Landing Page Designer creates speckless landing pages in the blink of an eye. You can also create custom emails instantly with the Drag & Drop Email feature. And all that without ever writing a line of code.

AWeber has a vast library of pre-built email templates. This ensures smooth running of your operations.

2. Automate your emails and campaigns

AWeber gives you the feature of built in campaigns. It enables automated email sending and personalization. Campaign Automations ensure timely delivery of emails. You can assign triggers and flows to your emails for this purpose.

AWeber automations

Spamming everyone on your list can cause harm to your business. AWeber tags the people in your lists. This helps in identifying the right audiences and targeting specific emails. 

AWeber lets you import high performing pre-built campaigns into your account. Thus you can freely use automations for your marketing tactics. It also ensures that the right people are receiving your content. The direct campaigning using tagging and dynamic content ensures faster responses.

AWeber lets you incorporate the latest email technology. This way you can increase interactions to your messages directly inside people’s inboxes. Campaign sending saves you a lot of time by automating your email marketing efforts.

3. Pre-built analytics and reporting

AWeber has pre-built practice designed dashboards and reports. This provides a simple but meaningful insight into email and campaign performance. You need not be a master of statistics to understand the data.

The reports contain key performance indicators (KPIs) that anyone can interpret. You can optimize your efforts with integrated split testing. Find what works best for your business by testing different subject lines and messages.

4. Engage more people

Subscriber Management is AWeber’s cup of tea. It allows you to manage the people on your lists and categorize them. You also get the feature of Quick Segmentation and Targeting. This makes it easier for you to send targeted emails.

The lists simplify your work and save a lot of time. AWeber also offers free expert migration. You can get all of your content, whether it be List creation & tag application or landing pages over in less than a week.

5. AWeber Mobile Apps

You can operate your business with AWeber on the go. The marketing tool is mobile friendly. It even offers some mobile apps to make your work easy.

AWeber Stats Mobile App

AWeber Stats lets you analyze your results on your mobile phones. In addition, you can even create stunning, browser-ready mobile-responsive sign up forms in just seconds. AWeber Atom app creates a sign-up form on your mobile device. Moreover, you can form your lists on the move by adding new people to your mailing list.

Newsletters are an efficient marketing technique these days. AWeber has a mobile app for that too. With Curate you can create and send amazing-looking newsletters from your mobile device using content from your blog and website. And that too in the blink of an eye.


1. Expensive compared to competitors

There are other marketing tools that offer advanced marketing automation. Comparatively they are cheaper than AWeber with more features.

If you have a large number of subscribers and mail campaigns, then you are more likely to be benefitted by AWeber. The marketing tool does not offer affordable plans for the small users or companies.

2. Outdated Layout and Templates

The layout offered by AWeber though simple may look boring to some. Some templates too, give an outdated vibe. There are few consumer complaints about poor customer support but the number is almost negligible.

AWeber does not allow the use of certain keywords in your emails. This may frustrate the user. The same problem arises with newsletters when it restricts you from including or excluding multiple segments at once.

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Conclusion: Is AWeber worth it?

In conclusion, you can easily tell that the pros of AWeber outweighs its limitations. The 24×7 costumer support will answer all your queries. You can use your AWeber account even while the team is working on updates.

The mobile apps offered by the marketing tool give you the freedom so you can easily carry your work to any place. Quick Segmentation & Targeting becomes easy with AWeber. You can also analyze your reports with no outside help.

Pre-built Template Library has an abundance of useful templates. With exceptional features such as AMP for Email, Campaign Automations and Automate tagging, the marketing tool makes work easy for you. You can create a list and target people accordingly.

AWeber was designed to simplify email marketing. And it is one of the best tools when it comes to serving its purpose.