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Cloudways Black Friday 2021 Sale-Get Upto 60% Discounts

Cloudways takes the trophy when it comes to functionality at an affordable price. And the Cyber Monday & Black Friday deal just proves to be the icing on the cake.

The Black Friday deals 2021 for Cloudways is available at a huge discount of 40% for 3 months. It will be applicable to all plans.


Cloudways Black Friday Deal Summary

 You can get a 40% discount on every Cloudways plan.

  • Cloudways Plans at 40% off
  • $20 Hosting Credits
  • Start Date: 19 Nov 2021
  • End Date: 02 Dec 2021

Cloudways Black Friday 2021 Sale

This year Cloudways if offering a flat 40% discount on their products during the cloudways black Friday and cyber Monday 2021 sale. You can get the best discounts with the cloudways black Friday 2021 offer.

      • Black Friday Offer: The cloud hosting company offers 40% off on all the plans for 3 months.
      • Cloudways Coupon:  You can apply this coupon code to get the deal BFCM40
      • Start Date: CloudWays Black Friday Deal is going to live on the 14th of November this year.
      • End Date: The sale closes on Nov 28, 2021.

Cloudways Cyber Monday 2021 Sale

      • Cyber Monday Offer: The cloud hosting company offers 40% off on all the plans for 3 months.
      • Cloudways Coupon:  You can apply this coupon code to get the deal BFCM40
      • Start Date: CloudWays Cyber Monday Deal is going to live on the 14th of November this year.
      • End Date: The sale closes on Nov 30, 2021.


Cloudways Black Friday 2021 Coupons

Use the below coupon code which is valid till 2nd December.

How To Get Cloudways Black Friday 2021 Discount

When you think of high performance yet affordable managed WordPress host, Cloudways instantly comes to mind. The managed cloud hosting platform delivers maximum speed and fool-proof security for your WordPress website.

The Cloudways Black Friday deal is one of the best online shopping deals in the United States. If you miss it you can get this offer on Cyber Monday.

The following steps will guide you on how to grab the best deal to save maximum.

1. Go to the Cloudways official site. The hosting platform gives digital agencies and e-commerce businesses flexibility and choice in how websites are hosted.

2. Click on the “Get Started Free” and fill up the details and the Coupon code.

3. Once you enter the promo code, click on start free button.

4. Make the payment and the offer is yours.

Cloudways Black Friday 2021 Deals

The 40% discount on Cloudways for three months is said to be the best deal of CloudWays Black Friday. The coupon code BFCM40 is used for this.

Other than this you can apply the coupon code HB20. This gives you an instant credit discount of $20. Cloudways offers “Pay As You Go” billing with no long term commitment.

Cloudways Cyber Monday Offers 2021

The monthly web hosting plans come at different rates to balance both performance and the customers’ budget. Here are the prices during Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals-:

  1. DO1GB: Normally priced at $10/mo, you can get this plan at $6/mo in the deal. The plan includes 1 GB RAM, 1 Core processor, 25 GB storage, and 1 TB bandwidth.
  2. DO2GB: Normally priced at $22/mo, this plan comes at $13.20/mo if you take it up in Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. The plan includes 2 GB RAM, 1 Core processor, 50 GB storage, and 2 TB bandwidth.
  3. DO4GB: This plan that normally costs $42/mo, is available at $25.20/mo. The plan includes 4 GB RAM, 2 Core processor, 80 GB storage, and 4 TB bandwidth.
  4. DO8GB: The Black Friday offer of this plan normally priced $80/mo is $48/mo. It includes 8 GB RAM, 4 Core processor, 160 GB storage, and 5 TB bandwidth.
  5. DO16GB: Normally priced at $135/mo, this plan comes at $81/mo during the offer. It includes 16 GB RAM, 6 Core processor, 320 GB storage, and 6 TB bandwidth.
  6. DO32GB: This plan that normally costs $230/mo, is available at $138/mo. It includes 32 GB RAM, 8 Core processor, 640 GB storage, and 7 TB bandwidth.
  7. DO192GB: The Black Friday offer of this plan, normally priced $1035/mo, is $621/mo. It comes with 192 GB RAM, 32 Core processor, 3840GB storage, and12TB bandwidth.

Cloudways Features: Why to Grab the Deal?

1. Site Migration

Cloudways moves your first website to Cloudways from any web host for free and that too without breaking your live site hosted on the old host. So you can relax without worrying about migration complexities & technicalities.

Cloudways gives a wide range of CMS to choose from. The sources are trusted including Drupal, Joomla, Koken, Magento, Media Wiki, PHP Stack, Prestashop, and WordPress.

2. Unbeatable Performance

Uptime is the most crucial thing you need from a hosting service. And Cloudways doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. The optimized stack, built-in CDN, auto-healing servers, and PHP 7 ready servers result in unparalleled performance.

If your server or stack is down, Cloudways will go beyond sending you alert and proactively start investigating. The built-in cache mechanism includes Varnish, Memcached, and Redis that enhance the speed of your WordPress websites.

CloudwaysCDN helps to reduce latency and improve response times when serving a WordPress website worldwide. It supports PHP 5.6.x and the latest versions of PHP 7.x so you can test compatibility and switch versions accordingly.

3. 24/7/365 Customer Support

Cloudways provide three levels of customer support to assist its users. The first level, Standard Support is more than enough for most of the service users. It’s free and includes 24/7/365 access to Live Chat guidance through any operation on the Cloudways Platform. Every request is routed to a specifically trained Support Team member.

One level up, Advanced Support add-on speeds up response times and opens up a wider range of Cloudways expertise. You get expert answers, deeper application troubleshooting, customization support, and proactive monitoring, etc.

The Premium Support add-on is for businesses that run mission-critical sites. It offers all of the Advanced Support features with even quicker response times, a dedicated Account Manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone support.

4. Maximum Security for Worry-Free experience

Cloudways provides 24/7 real-time monitoring and regular firewall upgrades. The support engineers help users troubleshoot errors and conflicts with plugins and themes.

In addition, Cloudways offers free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, which should be considered essential data protection if you plan to sell products.

A dedicated server IP and Firewall enforces the security. The plans also include free SSL certificate, regular security patching, server auto-healing. With that and automated backups, security threats are a rarity.

5. Easy & Free Backups

Cloudways provides automated backups. The automatic backup frequency can be set up on an hourly basis. You can easily access your data without any cost and backup your whole data in just one click.

Many other service providers fail to provide this feature. This gives a leading edge to Cloudways along with all its awesome features.

FAQ About Cloudways Black Friday Deal

Is it good to get Cloudways Hosting During Black Friday Sale?

Yes, Cloudways is offering insane discounts during the Black Friday sale. You can get amazing discounts if you are just starting a website or blog.

Is Cloudways Reliable?

Yes, Cloudways is a reliable web hosting service provider. It is one of the most popular web hosting provider.

How much discounts you can get?

You can expect discounts of up to 40-60% on Cloudways Hosting during the black friday 2021 sale.

Is it available on renewals?

Cloudways Black Friday deals are only available for new order, so it won’t be applicable on Cloudways renewals.

Final Verdict

Cloud-based hosting platforms are tricky but Cloudways is quite simple to use. The hosting platform gives digital agencies and e-commerce businesses flexibility and choice in how websites are hosted. SSD disks offer maximum speed and reliability than traditional disks while accommodating modern websites’ demands.

The Black Friday offer makes the deal even sweeter. So don’t waste further time. Grab the Black Friday 2021 deal of Cloudways. Or you can also avail the offers on Cyber Monday.


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