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How to show yourself on Google Search with “add me to search” feature

Everyone reading this will simply agree that they have searched for their name on Google at least once in their lives. Earlier today, Google announced the launch of a new “People Cards” feature, which will let almost anyone and everyone create a virtual visiting card that will show up within Google search. The feature is […]

Why web development with WordPress is a good choice?(Beginner's guide)

Why web development with WordPress is a good choice?(Beginner’s guide)

Do you want to launch a business website? Have you heard about WordPress? Why WordPress is a good choice for web development? At present every business needs a website to expand its business digitally. But sometimes coding and planning for a user-friendly, fast and secure website become complicated. That’s why small enterprises to well-based enterprises […]

What is Social Media Marketing and why is it important for your business

Whenever we use a social media channel to connect with our audience, build our brand value, increase sales, or simply drive our website traffic, it comes under the umbrella of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social Media Marketing involves publishing content on your social media profiles, carefully listening to and successfully engaging your followers, then analyzing […]

Jitsi: The Open Source Zoom Alternative

  In the light of recent events and the pandemic that’s taken the world and brought most of the functionalities to its knees, we are all under quarantine. And each one of us is facing a lot of problems when it comes to communicating with our co-workers, or to our students as teachers are facing […]

Make My India Online

A2 Hosting From MMIO (Make My India Online) | Digital Marketing | Website Design | SEO  ‘MMIO – Make My India Online is a digital marketing & web designing firm in India with a strict motto to provide only the best available web solutions in the market’